Commissariat of the Holy Land (Malta) / Kummissarjat tal-Art Imqaddsa

Kummissarjat tal-Art Imqaddsa

Commissariat of the Holy Land (Malta)

L-Art Imqaddsa

The Biblical Review in Maltese «L-Art Imqaddsa» is the official publication of the Commissariat. It was founded in 1955 with the name «Leħen l-Art Imqaddsa», and in 1980 it took a new form with the name it has now. The Franciscan who was instrumental in re-launching the review in 1980 was Fr. Raymond Camilleri OFM, who at the time was Vice-Commissary and who was also founder of Edizzjoni TAU for publications of the Maltese Franciscan Province and the Commissariat. The aim of the Review is that of providing reading material accessible to the general public on the themes of Holy Scripture and the Holy Land. It is the Maltese contribution to the great effort of the Custody of the Holy Land to publish its own reviews since 1921, and which are now being published in highly professional forms in English (Holy Land Review), Italian (Terra Santa), Spanish (Tierra Santa), French (Terre Sainte), German (Im Land des Hern). For nearly 70 years the Maltese review has provided a permanent link with the benefactors of the mission and has also been a unique instrument of catechesis on the Word of God and on the Holy Land. It features short articles by Maltese biblical scholars or Franciscans who are experts in the Holy Land mission and its history, and treats various themes such as Bible, History, Archaeology and News items regarding the Holy Land. For the benefit of our readers we are posting the issues of the Biblical Review «L-Art Imqaddsa» on this website, covering all the issues from 2008 to the present.

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